We use the highest quality materials and most modern technologies to ensure the best quality and ability

to produce the largest possible capacities in the shortest possible time. We follow the production process

from receiving the printing files right up to packing the product and delivering it to the client.

All types of finishes: Laminating, Plotter cutting, PVC banner edge melting, Rivet design, Sewing.


PVC banners

This advertising material is popular worldwide. We offer all types of PVC banners – standard, molten PVC, light permeable, opaque.


This material is used for very large sizes in open, windy locations, because the material is air permeable with micro holes for wind penetration.


We use this material for producing posters and other products.


We use this material for light advertisements, which are illuminated from the inside. This advertising solution is very effective, because the illuminated picture easily attracts attention.


  • Standard Permanent (matted/glossy);
  • Removable (easily removable), meant for short-term;
  • Perforated (with micro holes, to be glued to glass);
  • Transparent;
  • Auto economic (for straight surfaces);
  • Auto standard (for curved surfaces);
  • Backlight (for light boxes);
  • Blockout (opaque).


By using the most modern UV printing technologies, we can achieve excellent results and print any picture. We print on – flag textiles, interior picture textile, etc. We can ensure textile printing up to 3.2m wide. We also perform finishing with sewing.


We offer the newest UV Flatbed hard sheet material printing services. We can print on glass, wood, metal, plastic, linoleum, etc. And using CNC equipment we can cut out any form, as a result we can produce POS stands.


Banner edge melting, rivet design, covering adhesive film with protective laminate, gluing, plotter cutting, manual cutting.